Intellectual Outputs

Intellectual Output 1

What does a new farmer do?

A studio of the characterization of the new actors of the Agrifood sector


Intellectual Output 2
Don't miss any opportunity!

An innovative and specific methodology to take advantage of the opportunities that the agri-food sector is offering to new actors.

IO2 final version.pdf

Intellectual Output 3
What an agrifood business should do to be successful?

Success Cases are diverse, questionable and connected with the territories. In IO3 you will find success cases from the partners' countries.


Intellectual Output 4
What digital opportunities for new farmers?

This IO focuses on an online manual (that you can find here) on how to provide the New Agribusiness Methodology with guidelines to the different digital tools that are open and available on the Web.

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Intellectual Output 5

IO5 aims to adapt all the Intellectual Outputs, together with their supporting materials, achieved so far, to each of the existing curricula in the 4 training schools of NewAgroNet.

IO5 manual.pdf

Intellectual Output 6

This Intellectual Outcome is the confirmation of the entire development of NewAgroNet. First of all, the theoretical frameworks, practical experiences, adequate methodology and appropriate tools are created to drive, support and achieve sustainable business in the agri-food sector.

IO6 en.pdf